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"NEVER TOO LATE! 21 Strategies to Reclaim Your Fitness After 50"

Patriot Mission CEO and Founder shares...

"As a member of the 'After 50' group known to many as geezers, Phil gives us great cause for optimism. The practical and effective tips shared in this easy-to-read book inspire me to press on with the workouts.
More than my own physical benefits, Phil reminds us the benefits accrue to our family as well (provided they enjoy having us around).
Thanks for the effort to write this and to keep is simple Phil!"

Steve Olds

It's a must read  ... "After being in the fitness industry for 20 years and with the majority of my customers being over 50, I have read a lot of different fitness books regarding age and exercise, and I've recommended a few, but this book gets my highest recommendation.
A real persons journey in fitness, with real setbacks and real accomplishments. It reads like a blueprint for success in both fitness and in life.
These principles and strategies are simply put, fundamentals for achieving fitness goals at any age. As a fitness professional, I'd love for a client to come to my club armed with this book as their motivational tool for success.
It's a must read." - Brandon Brown
Under 50 feels and getting back into fitness... "This book was a great quick read and the ACTION workbook pages are great for writing down goals and plans. I like that the author is using his personal journey and experience as a guide for what works, rather than just reciting what you should do. I am actually not over 50 yet, but as someone who is getting back into fitness after years off, I found this to be very helpful using the approach as a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. I feel like I am ahead of the game now!" -  Colleen Crafferty
 56 year young entrepreneur, business leader and fitness enthusiast... "Phil Faris has inspired a higher level of physical fitness and health living in hundreds of young (and not so young) adults. Never Too Late is a practical and action-oriented guide to achieving fitness goals for those of us who are "past our prime"- but we don't need to be... you can be in your prime before your next birthday! Faris combines fitness science, nutrition and a good dose of motivation to create the only manual any of us who desire to get fit, and stay fit, will ever need." - Scott Dever
Women Innovators Radio Host reminds us..."It is truly never too late to get active. Phil Faris's book is great for helping get ignited for success. Use it and watch your health improve!" - Tamara Patzer, 
60 years old and still active...“…you have written a book that clearly and concisely guides the 50+ individual through the essential steps needed to make healthy lifestyle changes. It’s up to the individual to follow the steps and reap the benefits for life.” - Michael English

About Phil Faris

Phil Faris is host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio and the author of "Never Too Late! 21 Strategies to Reclaim Your Fitness After 50", "Take Command of Your Health", "The 5-Minute Anti-Aging and Fitness Blueprint" and numerous articles on fitness, anti-aging and nutrition. He also publishes the online newsletter, "Never Too Late for Fitness" that helps people of all ages get fit and stay fit for life. Phil lives with his wife in Crystal Lake, Illinois. He has three grown daughters and two grandchildren. In his spare time, he coaches high school and youth lacrosse.